Game development
We provide turnkey services, from idea to project release. In addition to the development itself, our team:
implements analytics systems for data collection
publishes the game on the App Store and Google Play
responsible for warranty service after release
You don't need to understand programming to release your first game app. Just describe the purpose and objectives, we will find the best solution. Let's walk you through all the stages of development:
Idea generation.
Analysis of competitors, target audience.
Preparation of technical specifications.
Design creation.
Testing and debugging.
Custom Mobile Game Development
The gaming market is one of the fastest growing areas. More than a million people play them every day.

They give people different emotions: for some it is relaxation and enjoyment of the process, for others it is the excitement and joy of another victory, but they all have one thing in common - love for games.

Today, smartphones have firmly entered our lives and have become quite a powerful tool that allows a large number of users to play games of various kinds. We, unlike ordinary users, do not just love games, we create them.

Main stages of mobile game development
Mobile game development is a painstaking and exciting process that does not tolerate template solutions. Each game should be unique and thought out to the smallest detail. We always treat the process creatively and with great interest. Our task is to correctly build the goal and concept of the game. We do not forget about technical aspects, plot and graphics. A large team of professionals works on each of our games. When developing games for mobile devices, we use modern technologies and the most popular engines. Thanks to this approach, all the smallest nuances and subtleties of the game are taken into account.

1 Researching the market and thinking through the idea

2 Choosing a category for a future game

3 Working out the process and mechanics

4 Platform selection (operating system)

5 Creation of unique graphics and design

6 Building a monetization plan

7 Game development
Senior UX/UI designer
Lead Developer
Ida Ovchina
Anna Fish
Dmitry Shad
Our team
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Game idea
Before you start developing a mobile game, you need to think over its idea. This is an important stage on which the further success of all gaming activities depends.

Remember, you need to create something original, or something familiar but in a new look. The main thing when creating an idea is to take into account the mass audience. Keep in mind that people will play the game. Therefore, create any mobile games taking into account the interests of those players who will play the game novelty you have created.

Before developing a game for mobile devices, decide what audience it will be for. For young people or for middle-aged people. Will you choose its genre: action, simulation, arcade, strategy, shooter or RPG? Once you've settled on this, move on.
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